waste water treatment COMPONENTS

2H biodek® fills and random media for biofilm processes

A diverse range of plastic fills as provided by ENEXIO is the basis of modern and highly attractive biofilm processes for the treatment of municipal and industrial waste water using the trickling filter process and in immersed biofilm reactors with fixed and moving beds.


          Natural draught cooling towers

   Trickling Filter

        Moving Bed Reactor

With supplementary products, such as rotary distributors, support structures, nozzle distributors, aeration equipment and agitators, we can provide the best operational proposals for:

  • Carbonaceous oxidation
  • Anaerobic fixed bed solutions
  • Nitrification
  • Denitrification
  • High-rate trickling filters


2H IFAS System

IFAS (Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge) combines the advantages of fixed film technology i. e. submerged fixed beds (SAF) and conventional activated sludge (CAS). By adding high surface media to an activated sludge basin additional biomass will grow on the media increasing the operative sludge age. Thus, IFAS offers a possible performance increase up to 40% without new aeration tanks. 

       2H IFAS Implementation


2H Fills for biofilters in recirculation aquaculture systems

Natural fishing resources are decreasing. The rising demand for fish can only be satisfied by intensive investments in aquacultures or fish farming. The process water in aquacultures is increasingly re-circulated and purified with nitrifying biofilters. We supply BIOdek media fills and random packings for those biofilters and TUBEdek® lamella separators for the separation of sludge. Our long experience in biological waste water treatment and agriculture provides best advice for your particular application.



   Random media nitrification


2H FAP fills for oil separation

ENEXIO Water Technologies supplies 2H PP fills with parallel or cross-fluted channels for an intensification of oil / water separation process. Installing of  fills into oil / water separators or gravity tanks helps to regulate and to slow down the flow of water contaminated with oil, and ensures the contact with an active area of the fills. These aspects lead to the intensification of gravitational separation process.


Design and Engineering support by ENEXIO experts

Backed up by a long track record, our specialists provide high-grade support to customers in designing and implementing their water treatment plants. For decades, they have satisfied outstandingly a whole variety of requirements: both as initial equipment and also as subsequent optimization of existing plants.


Products for waste water treatment:




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