Sollution for retention and infiltration of stormwater

2H GEodek® stormwater infiltration boxes

Stormwater is naturally clean! The diversion of stormwater to the sewer system interferes with the natural pathway of stormwater infiltration! Infiltration recharges the groundwater and prevents the city drains and sewerage works from overloading.
GEOdek® infiltration boxes store excess stormwater and release it afterwards. Made from Polypropylene, they exhibit exceptional strength and are resistant to all chemicals normally found below ground. They can be used under sealed surfaces such as streets and parking lots. 7 standard types cover requirements for different types of loads.
  GEOdek® Infiltration box
Features of our 2H GEOdek® Fill Media:
• Traffic load PKW 3 up to SLW 60
• Void ratio > 97 %
• Easy and quick installation
• Highest quality standards
• TÜV and BBA certified
• 2H GEOdek® design program for static dimensioning of the infiltration system

For more information please download our brochures:

 Stormwater infiltration (433 KB)



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