Mass transfer components

2H Structured packings for energy saving through reduced pressure drop
Structured packings MASSdek® are high-capacity fills for chemical and physical absorption, desorption and for bio scrubbers. In view of their excellent compression strengths, they are also well suited for bio trickling filters. Due to the special configuration of the fill, a uniform distribution of liquid is maintained under both high and low hydraulic loads.
  MASSdek Packing
Applications for 2H MASSdek® packings:
• exhaust air scrubbing 
• absorption and desorption
• biotrickling filters for the elimination of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), hydrogen sulphide and ammonia
• scrubbing systems with a high level of separation performance
Features of our 2H MASSdek® Fills:
• improved throughput capacity
• lower pressure drop
• higher effective mass transfer area
• reduced tendency to blockages
• bed heights significantly higher than 10 m possible
• extremely high mechanical stability
• less susceptible to fouling
• more efficient operation
• can be used for revamps and retrofits
• can be fitted at the container manufacturer 
2H column internals for mass transfer applications
When designing a column, the material for the components to be used has to be defined first. Then the type of fill is determined and liquid and gas distributors, the droplet separators, the support grids and the retention system are adjusted to this choice.
 Liquid Distributor
We can supply the following components:
• liquid and gas distributors
• droplet separators
• support grids
• retention systems
Design and Engineering support by ENEXIO experts
Our experts will support you in providing the right solution for your separation tasks and the dimensioning and selection of the correct packing and installations. We apply our knowledge, experience and enthusiasm for engineering to provide you with the best possible advice and on an individual basis. Our engineers use modern 3D-CAD software to create their designs and have developed a layout program that you are welcome to use too.

For more information please download our brochures:

 2H-MASSdek-80 Grid Performance (426 KB)

 2H-MASSdek-125HTC Performance Data (412 KB)

 2H-MASSdek-150HTC Performance Data (411 KB)




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