Lamella clarifiers for efficient sedimentation processes

2H tubedek® Lamella clarifiers

Sludge, sand and silts in surface water, chemical precipitation and flocculation form solids which have to be removed. The most economic process to remove this pollution is parallel plate sedimentation.

   Natural draught cooling towers

 Surface water application

 Drinking water application

TUBEdek® lamella clarifiers are based on this physical principle. They consist of single profiles, which are assembled to a module forming several adjacent tubes and multiple sedimentation planes. This design increases the sedimentation area by a factor of 6 to 15 per square meter footprint. Using TUBEdek® tube settlers therefore decreases costs by being able to build smaller tanks.

Typical applications:

  • Drinking Water Treatment Plants
  • Industrial Water Treatment
  • Surface Water Clarification
  • Primary Sedimentation 


Design and Engineering support by ENEXIO experts

Backed up by a long track record, our specialists provide high-grade support to customers in designing and implementing their water treatment plants. For decades, they have satisfied outstandingly a whole variety of requirements: both as initial equipment and also as subsequent optimization of existing plants.


Products for lamella clarification:







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