2H spn spray nozzles

For optimum water distribution in COOLING towers

We offer water distribution nozzles for cooling towers, humidifiers, scrubbers, air coolers and aerators. These nozzles are made of glass fiber reinforced polyamide (nylon) and are resistant to a large range of chemicals. Their smooth surface impedes clogging and scaling. The spray angel of 120° provides an optimum water distribution above the cooling tower packing.
Features of our 2H SPN Spray Nozzles:
• Low clogging and scaling tendency due to smooth surface design
• Constant self-cleaning by high turbulence in the nozzle body
• Easy installation onto the piping system due to BSP thread and hexagon body design
• High resistance to a large range of chemicals because the nozzles are made of glass reinforced polyamide (nylon)
For more information please download our brochures:

 Components For Cooling Towers (998 KB)



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