2H Plasdek® cross-fluted cooling tower fills

Different types for  efficient water cooling

Excellent heat and mass transfer due to the high mixing turbulences by the cross-fluted structure – that’s what you get from 2H PLASdek® cross-fluted fills. With their high specific surface areas they achieve highly efficient water cooling at low pressure drops.
Features of our 2H PLASdek® Cross-Fluted Fills:
• High resistance to erosion provided by patented foil thickness distribution and reinforced edges
• Self-supporting structure – High bearing capacityachieved by large number of connecting points and variable sheet thickness
• Flexibility in material and dimensions makes adaptation to plant requirements easy
• Long service life due to chemical, bacterial and UV resistance of PP and PVC
• Easy and economical installation


For more information please download our brochures:

 Components For Cooling Towers (998 KB)



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