Evaporative cooling towers are still considered the most efficient way of cooling process water at industrial plants all over the world. With economic and ecological factors always an important consideration, construction and operation of wet cooling towers necessitates the use of efficient fills and drift eliminators. As the pioneer of plastic components for cooling tower applications we help our customers to meet their requirements.


                      Natural draught cooling towers

           Natural draught cooling towers

            Forced draught cooling towers

2H PLASdek® packings and drift eliminators, for instance, are used in cooling towers throughout the world. For decades, they have satisfied outstandingly a whole variety of requirements: both as initial equipment and also as subsequent optimization of existing plants.


Various types of filling material structures for different requirements

The constant optimisation and product development that we undertake has put us in a position today to supply the most varied types of filling material structures and surfaces. This makes it possible for the optimum filling material to be selected for the most diverse requirements. We provide solutions for all cooling tower operational fields from high cooling capacities to high levels of operating reliability.


PLASdek® drift eliminators for environmental protection - SANIPACKING® for security

2H products also make a decisive contribution to environmental protection in the form of, for instance, PLASdek® drift eliminators which stop emissions from cooling towers. The innovative SANIPACKING® equipment of 2H components provides added security concerning micro-biological activities in cooling cycles.


Products for counter-flow an cross-flow cooling towers:







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