COMPONENTS FOR Air cooling and humidifying


2H HUMIPACKING® fills are used to cool animal sheds and green houses. They feature excellent cooling performances at low pressure loss. Their material, a polypropylene compound, makes them very rugged and long-lasting. As they are easy to clean, they do not have to be exchanged regularly, which is a big advantage compared to other products on the market.
 2H Humipacking® fill                                              


People, animals and plants all benefit from a favourable room temperature. 2H AGRIdek Climate System ensures the perfect temperature for animal barns, greenhouses, warehouses or production buildings - thanks to its efficient evaporative cooling. The adiabatic sprinkler system is thus perfectly suited for warm and hot regions.
 2H Agridek Complete System
Features of our 2H Humipacking® fills and 2H Agridek systems:
• Excellent cooling capacity
• Easy to clean
• Long service life
• High light resistance
• Low pressure loss
• UV-resistant
• High efficiency
• Easy installation

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