2H PLASTIC components for comfort of animals and high productivity

People, animals and plants all benefit from a favourable room temperature. Good air quality and comfortable temperatures in barns are essential for successful animal rearing and efficient production. With the maximum quality in heat exchange, we ensure the perfect temperature for animal barns, greenhouses, warehouses or production buildings - thanks to its efficient evaporative cooling. Our light traps allow for a special night and day rhythm and artificial lighting to be effectively used. Our structured packing helps efficiently clean waste exhaust air from barns and to meet requirements prescribed by the legislation.


We can provide products for:

  • air cooling of farms, halls or greenhouses
  • waste air treatment
  • dust removal
  • light entry blokcage

Design and Engineering support by ENEXIO experts

Backed up by a long track record, our specialists provide high-grade support to customers in designing and implementing their plans in agriculture. For decades, they have satisfied outstandingly a whole variety of requirements: both as initial equipment and also as subsequent optimization of existing installations.

Products for agricultural industry:



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